A place for myself

May 29, 2020 No comments exist

Useful or beautiful? In my world it’s usually useful and quirky! And I love making things so browse my shop! Not much there at the moment but I hope you like what you see.

My better half asked me what I wanted out of my business. I objected. ‘It’s not a business, it’s a ‘place for myself’. There’s that note of introspection. I finally argued for a ‘sort-of-hobby’ that makes money occasionally. ‘Not wanting to get rich in other words’ said my husband, who still doesn’t understand why I would want to spend hours on WordPress tutorials trying to work out how to set up an online shop instead of just putting an item on eBay. 

He is not the only one – me included. Put it down to self-expression rather than self-delusion. Please. We all like to feel good about some aspects of our character 😉. I’ve always been arty crafty (my brothers would add ‘f’ to the first word but we won’t go there) and it comes with a love for language, story-telling and a very quirky sense of humour, a farming childhood and enjoyment in God’s creation.  My dream for this little corner of my universe is writing a series of children’s books based around a dog called Tilly. 

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