Endearing hottie!

May 30, 2020 No comments exist

There is something about animal characters and getting them ‘right’. I’ll spend simply ‘yonks’ (aka ‘donkey’s years’) drawing an animal (mostly cartoon-type drawing) and it has to be anatomically correct but conveying something about the animal’s character.

I am happy to attribute human traits, emotions, or intentions to animals because I think they are not exclusive to us. Even without learned responses, I reckon there are plenty of instances of animals displaying love or even altruism, grief, gratitude, cunning and more. And my dog definitely sulks!

So here’s my ‘foxy hottie’. The pattern has a few layers (because I was so determined to make it a ‘proper fox’) which makes it snug and also time-consuming to make. And, I couldn’t resist adding a name to each fox and a brief biography.

Bagsy is an example. In real life he’s a ‘crafty so-and-so’ and an endearing risk-taker who keeps calm, cool and collected until he er… collects. He is often heard muttering ‘Bagsy that one!’ whilst planning his next raid on Farmer MacDonald’s free range hens.

Or Tod Lowrence, a hottie with a proud Scottish heritage. His clan are renowned for glorious red hair, warmth and welcome. When they are not Munro-bagging*, poultry-bagging is considered to be fair game.

*”Munro bagging” is the activity of climbing all the listed Munros. A Munro  is defined as a mountain in Scotland with a height over 3,000 feet.

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